The Difficulty of My Research…

Finding scholarly work to reference for my research project has been extremely difficult. Unfortunately, due to other assignments in other classes I haven’t had the time to extensively look for data and file through the countless links of useless articles. Although I have been somewhat setback by this difficulty, I may have stumbled across some textual gold. Looking at an article on Marketing Charts, it talks about all of the best sellers in general in 2010. Skimming through the first half of the article, I thought that this was another lost cause but then as I continued to scroll down, I noticed some very intriguing information; Horror and Thriller authors had been very well paid in 2010 according to Forbes. This was a very surprising coincidence and I wondered if this would affect my data, since horror books were so popular in 2010. The post reads as follows:

Thriller, Horror, Romance Authors Well Paid

The highest-paid authors of works sold in the US primarily write in the thriller, horror and romance genres, according to a recent ranking from Forbes. Thriller author James Patterson was the highest-paid author between June 2009 and June 2010, earning $70 million. Two other authors primarily associated with thrillers also made the top 10 pay list: British author Ken Follett came in at number five and John Grisham, a former attorney specializing in legal thrillers, was ranked eighth.

While more authors in the top 10 pay list are primarily associated with the thriller genre than any other genre, three other genres were represented by two authors each. Horror was represented by Stephen King (number three) and Dean Koontz (number six); romance was represented by Danielle Steel (number four) and Janet Evanovich (number seven), and young adult was represented by Stephanie Meyer (number two) and J.K. Rowling (number 10).

Hopefully I can find more substantial information in the future, but as of right now, I feel that I am on a wild goose chase due to my information being so specific, and I feel as if I have hit a dead end. My intentions are to gather enough information to prove the correlation between book length and popularity, but now I am just trying to have enough data to even support a paper.


2 thoughts on “The Difficulty of My Research…

  1. You’re topic seems very interesting and I’m sure when you find more research materials you will be able to better formulate a paper. It’s interesting that there are so many details that can affect the popularity of certain genres of books, and I’m interested to see what you find. I know with my topic I had difficulty because it was so specific. Once I made it a bit broader, I was able to find more information. If you’re still having trouble, maybe broaden it a bit so you keep the general idea but still have some room to use more research materials.

  2. I can definitely sympathize with you on a lot of what you wrote about. Research takes a LOT of time and most of it is spent wading through information that only leads you to dead ends. It’s frustrating, but I hope all of us find that little piece of gold in all the junk that will drive our papers.
    Also, I was wondering what you thought about correlation in terms of the data you’re searching for. Like you said, there are a lot of factors one has to consider as to why a certain author or genre is popular. Are you worried that you’re going to end up in a place where correlations (that you may or may not make) between 2 things are affected by confounding variables?

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